PiezoMotor Johan Westermark 2016

Johan Westermark

CEO & Sales Manager

Phone: +46 (0)18-489 51 70
Mail: johan.westermark[at]piezomotor.se

  • MSc in Industrial & Management Engineering, Linköping Institute of Technology
  • More than 25 years in high-tech B2B, 20 years in management.
  • Developed and managed national and international sales through direct sales, distributors and partners.
  • Enterprise business experience in Technology, IT and Telecom industries as well as Financial and Professional services.
  • CEO/MD for Selspot AB, Peek Traffic AB, GE Medical Systems AB, Wind River AB, Real Fast IP AB.
PiezoMotor Olof Stranding 2016

Olof Stranding

Chief Financial Officer/Head of Administration

Phone: +46 (0)18-489 51 50
Mail: olof.stranding[at]piezomotor.se

  • MSc in Economics, Uppsala University
  • 8 years as Business Controller, 5 of them in management position
  • 6 years as accountant at KPMG and Q-Med
PiezoMotor Pär Gustafsson 2016

Pär Gustafsson

Development Manager

Phone: +46 (0)18-489 50 40
Mail: par.gustafsson[at]piezomotor.se

  • MSc mechanical engineering and chemistry
  • Several years as R&D manager in medical device industry, St. Jude Medical
  • Worked in all phases of product development, from conceptual design to full production

Vesna Baban

Production Manager

Phone: +46 (0)18-489 51 30
Mail: vesna.baban[at]piezomotor.se

PiezoMotor Sölve Lindmark 2016

Sölve Lindmark

Quality manager

Phone: +46 (0)18-489 51 10
Mail: solve.lindmark[at]piezomotor.se

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Automated Production Systems), Linköping Institute of Technology
  • Production Engineer, milling tools, Sandvik Coromant (machine investments, CNC-programming, cost-saving projects)
  • Production Leader, milling tools, Sandvik Coromant, (process planning, budget, personnel)
  • Manager Production Engineering, turning tools, Sandvik Coromant, (project planning, machine investments, etc.)