PiezoMotor makes high-precision motors with direct drive. There’s no need for gears or mechanical transmissions. The result is backlash-free linear motion with nanometer or even sub-nanometer resolution. Reducing the number of parts also means that the size of the motor can be decreased considerably compared with traditional solutions. Simple drive electronics also save space. Any application driven a Piezo LEGS® motor can be miniaturized to a high degree.

One great example is Piezo LEGS® Caliper 20N. Stage builders have traditionally been forced to use bulky stepper motors mounted externally. But the 20N motor, designed for integration in a linear or gonio stage, completely eliminates the need for an external motion system.

Using miniaturized Piezo LEGS® motors from PiezoMotor is beneficial for plenty of other reasons as well – increased resolution, instant response, no backlash and no power draw when motionless.

As well as reducing complexity to decrease motor dimensions, miniaturization also means size reductions for manufacturers. Scaling down electronics, for example, puts a greater demand on precision in lithography processes. Piezo LEGS® motors improve accuracy to such an extent that new-generation integrated circuits are even more miniaturized, yet still offer better performance. The semiconductor industry is cutting-edge, just like products from PiezoMotor.

We offer a set of standard motors, but the basic technology can easily be customer-adapted. Don’t hesitate to contact our skilled engineering team for advice.