Our main markets

Across the globe, the need for small, powerful motors continues to grow. Manufacturing industry’s demand for higher accuracy, for example, drives the need for greater miniaturization combined with higher precision. In the medical sector, analytical instruments and manipulators become more advanced and accurate.

For many of these applications, conventional electrical motors do not meet the required performance criteria. But our small, strong piezo motors do.

Yet despite their small format, our motors deliver enormous power. They are, in fact, capable of lifting 1,000-times their own weight. On top of that, their energy consumption and number of components are remarkably low.

In terms of market volumes, there is a large conversion potential from traditional electric motors to our high-tech piezo motors when miniaturization and precision are key demands.

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    Medical & Life Science

    The tasks of analytical devices and machines used in laboratories are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Precision and speed are important requirements despite the compact dimensions.

    Piezo LEGS® motors provide the high precision needed for lab-on-a-chip applications where sensors need to be pointed at the right location, or for fluid dispensing on a nanoliter scale. Fast response times plus the possibility for sub-micron scale positioning down to a single nanometer make Piezo LEGS® OEM motors ideal to integrate in your machine. By reducing the size and the number of components, our solutions simplify your system while still giving the highest precision. Reduced costs and added functionality are further key benefits.

    As the Piezo LEGS® can made totally non-magnetic it works well in MRI applications. Here we know that development of robots are made for taking biopsies for instance.

    Application examples:

    • MRI Robot

      Combining magnetic field immunity with high precision motion over inches of travel, Piezo LEGS® motors walk the line. Surgeons treating brain cancer face a conundrum: They can capture ultra-high-resolution images of the tumor using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or they can use ultra-precise surgical tools to remove the tumor, but they can’t do both at […]

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    • Microarray Sample Analysis

      Piezo LEGS® motors can be used for high-speed array movements, taking full advantage of their fast reaction and settling time plus their extreme micro-step resolution (<0.001 µm). In a closed loop x,y system, the motors make accurate and repeatable motion patterns on a sub-micron level, even taking nanometer-size steps in fast sequence. Applications for microarray […]

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    • Nanoliter Dispensing

      Make good use of Piezo LEGS® linear motor technology when you need to dispense very small and exact volumes of liquid. Our motors combine long strokes (up to 100 mm or more) with extreme micro-step resolution to take single nanometer steps along the way. This combination is ideal for automated nanoliter dispensing systems or constant […]

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    • Pinch Valve

      Pinch valves are control valves that use a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow; contracting process tubing creates a very strong seal. Traditionally, pinch valves have been operated using solenoids or controlled with pneumatics (air pressure). But using Piezo LEGS® motors to restrict flow is far better. A Piezo LEGS® motor-controlled pinch valve has many […]

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    Optics & Semiconductor

    For tuning and aligning lenses, or for high-precision auto-focusing, Piezo LEGS® motor performance is second to none. High-end video projectors, lens systems for the semiconductor industry, and military surveillance cameras are just some of the fields where manufacturers utilize the strength and precision of our motors. Linear positioning in the sub-micron range is easily achieved, and our designs even resolve micro-steps smaller than 1 nanometer (0.001 µm). Rotary motors allow sub-microradian step resolution. The semiconductor industry is dependent on high precision movement in many application-critical manufacturing processes. For example, the photolithography stepper machine at the heart of the silicon wafer processing line has numerous motion axes where conventional motors cannot meet the set specifications. For sub-nanometer precision and high system accuracy, Piezo LEGS® motor technology is the perfect choice. Application examples:

    • Synchrotrons

      PiezoMotor sees opportunities within the synchrotron community and are already involved at sites like Diamond Light Source, DESY, ESRF, CERN and SPring 8. There is always need for better precision in beamlines and experiments where Piezo LEGS can move large masses and position on nanometer level. PiezoMotor products are the best choice when breaking the […]

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    • Linear Stages

      Piezo LEGS® motors offer many ways to motorize linear stages, providing sub-micron or even single-nanometer resolution plus backlash-free movement with zero power draw in hold position. Because the motor is compact, the overall size of the system can be reduced compared with a conventional solution using DC motors. Direct drive also avoids the need for gearboxes […]

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    • Speed

      A manufacturer wanted to move samples under an electron microscope (SEM) at a few millimeters-per-second to find the point of interest, and then with extremely slow, nanometer-per-second speed. He also wanted high system stiffness to minimize the effect of vibrations and shock, as well as resolution in the sub-nanometer range. His current conventional high-precision stepper […]

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    Space & Defence

    PiezoMotor drives development partnerships with customers, with a focus on satellite development and optics with common need of high operating precision, miniaturization and very robust design. Within this field the weight is a high aspect. You want the payload to be as low as possible when sending up satellites for instance. As well as carrying arms sights needs to be low weight. Here Piezo LEGS® motors have the advantage of its low weight compared to force it can drive.