Piezo LEGS® Linear 6N


Versions: With or without guides and sensor
  • LL06 - Piezo LEGS Linear 6N - with guides and encoder
  • LL06 - Piezo LEGS Linear 6N - with guides and encoder
  • LL06 - Piezo LEGS Linear 6N - basic version
General info Specification
  • General info

    General info

    Piezo LEGS® LL06, our most compact linear motor for build-in OEM applications, displays predictable sub-micron, direct-drive motion free from backlash. Stepping resolution extends to single nanometer level or below when required. Motor is available with integrated 1.25 µm position encoder for closed loop control. Gear-heads and linear screws are not needed, which reduces overall size. Able to fit in spaces that other motors find difficult, LL06 delivers up to 6.5 N force. Its friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking, and its Piezo LEGS® technology is ideal for any ‘move-and hold’ application able to benefit from high precision, instant response and low power consumption.
  • Specification


    The Piezo LL06 motor comes with different length drive rods, and option for guides and optical encoder. See product data sheet for varieties.

    Type LL06A0   Unit Note
    Maximum Stroke 73.9
    mm for drive rod L=100.8 mm, guides G1, and mechanical adapter M1
    Speed Range a 0-15 mm/s no load, depending on waveform and driver
    Step Length b 4
    one wfm-step
    motor resolution 0.5 nm; one microstep c
    Sensor Resolution
    1.25 µm quadrature sensor ABZ – sensor E1
    Sensor Accuracy ±3 µm
    Sensor Repeatability 1.25 µm Sensor E1 with guides G1
    Stall Force 6.5 N
    Holding Force 7 N
    Recommended Operating Range 0-3 N
    Maximum Voltage 48 V
    Power Consumption d 5 mW/Hz =0.5 W at 100 Hz wfm-step frequency
    Connector Hirose DF52-5S-0.8H
    Hirose DF52-6S-0.8H
    – motor
    – sensor
    Mechanical Size 23.4 x 19.6 x 10.35
    17 x 19.6 x 7
    mm – with guides and sensor
    – without guides and sensor
    Material in
    Motor Housing
    Stainless Steel
    Weight 16 gram with 50 mm rod, guides and sensor
    Operating Temp. -20 to +70 ºC
    a. Max value is typical for waveform Rhomb at 2 kHz, no load, temperature 20ºC.
    b. Typical values for waveform Delta, 3 N load, temperature 20ºC.
    c. Driver dependent; example with 8192 microsteps per wfm-step.
    d. At low duty cycle when motor is not heated. Sensor power consumption not included.
    Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.