4 reasons why Piezo LEGS® precision motor should replace traditional stepper motors

The new paradigm is here. Piezo LEGS® precision motor is a product that has proven its ability in many of the industrial markets and has emerged as a serious competitor to conventional stepper motor solutions. We list four good reasons to replace your traditional stepper motor with the groundbreaking Piezo LEGS® piezoelectric/precision motor.

1. Movement free from backlash

A stepper motor with anti-backlash nut on the lead screw tend to have problems with repeatability over time because of wear, which results in mechanical play. The friction-based direct drive of Piezo LEGS® eliminates backlash and guarantees free movement over the whole lifetime of the motor.

2. No power consumption at standstill

The self-clamping principle of Piezo LEGS® means that no brake is needed to hold a position, and there is no power draw at standstill. The traditional stepper motor cannot compete with the mechanical stiffness and energy effectiveness of the Piezo LEGS® precision motor.

3. Piezo LEGS® is more precise

While a stepper motor needs to overcome internal static friction (stiction) of the anti-backlash nut, and struggle with fine positioning on a micrometer level, the Piezo LEGS® is able to smoothly hit target position without delay. Piezo LEGS® is able to position sub-micrometers, or even down to the single nanometer.

4. Cost-effective solution

Compared to a traditional high-quality stepper motor and lead screw assembly, Piezo LEGS® LL06 is a cost-effective alternative. In addition, our precision motors is in many cases more compact than the corresponding stepper motor solution.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the future in precision motors today!

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