Piezo LEGS® Linear Spring 15N Non-Magnetic Vacuum

LS15 version 30D — Non‑magnetic — Vacuum

This motor is made for easy of mounting on the side of a linear stage and delivers up to 15N of force. Housing is made with non-magnetic alloys to suit applications where the slightest magnetism can disturb sensitive equipment. The LS15 displays predictable sub-micron, direct-drive motion free from backlash. Resolution extends to single nanometer level or below when required.

  • Motorizing a linear stage

    The LS15 is a linear motor designed to easily motorize a linear slide. The Piezo LEGS® is mounted together with a linear slide (bearing) to a common base plate. A ceramic drive rod is adhered to the linear slide and motor is then pressed against the rod by release of internal tension springs. The motor will hold the slide with friction (self-locking) even when power is off.

    All Piezo LEGS® motors are non-magnetic in the sense that they do not emit any magnetic flux, but this particular model is also made with non-magnetic housing to suit the most demanding applications where the slightest magnetism can disturb sensitive equipment. The non-magnetic LS15 will even operate inside of an MRI scanner.

    Piezo LEGS® technology enables travel over long distance at mm/s speeds, as well as high resolution positioning on sub-micrometer or nanometer level when required. The response and settling time is fast, and the force which motor can deliver is 15N. Multiple motors can also be mounted and driven in parallell to extend the force range further. The motor is vacuum compatible and suitable for usage down to 10-7 torr.

  • Key features of the LS15 version 30D

    • Non-magnetic
    • Easily applied onto a linear slide
    • Sub-micrometer or even single nanometer resolution
    • Direct friction drive – no backlash or mechanical play
    • Long strokes and relatively high speed
    • Delivers up to 15N force
    • Vacuum compatible
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  • Specifications

      • Recommended
        Operating Force
      • 0...8 N
      • Stall Force
      • 15 N
      • Holding Force
      • 16 N
      • Speed Range
      • 0...15 mm/s
      • Microstep Length
      • 0.0005 µm
      • Sensor Resolution
      • Maximum Stroke
      • Power Consumption
      • 7 mW/Hz
      • Operating Temperature
      • -20...70 °C
      • Connector
      • Weight
      • 70 gram
      • Size
      • 42 x 23.3 x 15
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