Piezo LEGS® Controller PMD101

PMD101 — Boxed

PMD101 is a 1-axis controller for closed loop control of the Piezo LEGS® motors. The unit takes commands from host over USB virtual COM port.

  • Boxed table-top controller for Piezo LEGS®

    The PMD101 is a 1-axis driver for use with Piezo LEGS® motors from PiezoMotor. Motors will move with resolution down in the nanometer range. Driving the motors in closed loop is possible when reading back position from an position sensor (encoder). The PMD101 supports quadrature encoders, and serial SSi sensors. Issuing a single command will guide the motor to the exact encoder count, taking in to account the parameter settings for ramping behavior.

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  • Specifications

      • Number of Axes
      • 1
      • Host Communication
      • USB (virtual COM)
      • Multi Axis Support
      • No
      • Resolution
      • 2048 microsteps
      • Maximum Stepping Rate
      • Closed Loop
      • Yes
      • Servo Amplifier Mode
      • Step/direction or Analog
      • General I/O
      • 3 in
        2 out
      • Motor Connector
      • 5-pole, JST SM05B-SRSS-TB
      • Sensor Connector
      • 6-pole, JST SM06B-SRSS-TB
        and 2 x 8 pin header
      • Power Connector
      • 2.1 mm barrel plug
      • Communication Connector
      • USB
      • Power Supply
      • 12-24 V DC
        Power supply 15 VDC, 18W included
      • Dimensions
      • 103 x 65 x 30.4 mm
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