Piezo LEGS® Controller PMD206

PMD206 — Boxed

The PMD206 is 6-axis controller for industrial use, providing sub-nanometer resolution to the Piezo LEGS® motor. Closed loop positioning is possible with feedback from position sensor. The unit is using one communication line to address one or multiple axes by serial ASCII commands.

  • Industrial 6-axis controller

    PMD206 is a 6-axis micro-stepping driver for Piezo LEGS® motors, giving motors resolution in the sub-nanometer/microradian range. Closed-loop driving is possible when reading back position from a position sensor. PMD206 supports quadrature encoders and serial SSi sensors. Issuing a single command, it guides motors to the exact encoder count, taking into account the parameter settings for ramping behavior. It delivers up to 8192 micro-steps per waveform cycle, giving approximately 0.5 nanometer (0.0005 µm) movement per micro-step for a Piezo LEGS® linear motor. The unit communicates with the host using ASCII commands through serial RS485 or TCP/IP. Several I/O pins are available

  • Key features of PMD206

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  • Specifications

      • Number of Axes
      • 6
      • Host Communication
      • RS485 or TCP/IP
      • Multi Axis Support
      • Yes
      • Resolution
      • 8192 microsteps
      • Maximum Stepping Rate
      • Closed Loop
      • Yes
      • Servo Amplifier Mode
      • No
      • General I/O
      • 3 out and 4 in
        (for each sensor axis)
      • Motor Connector
      • 6 x D-sub 9F
      • Sensor Connector
      • 6 x D-sub HD 15F
      • Power Connector
      • IEC C14
      • Communication Connector
      • D-sub 9M or RJ45
      • Power Supply
      • 110-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
      • Dimensions
      • 328 x 298 x 83 mm
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