Piezo LEGS® Handheld Driver PMCM21

PMCM21 — Boxed

Simple hand held push-button driver for Piezo LEGS® motors that offers sub-micron resolution linear motion.

  • PMCM21 is a simple hand-held push-button driver for Piezo LEGS® motors (linear and rotary) that offers sub-micron resolution linear motion. Pushing the button to move in one direction ramps up speed by utilizing phase-shifting of the drive signal. Maximum speed, determined by the size of the motor (capacitive load) is generally in the range of a few millimeters per second. A quick press of the button generates sub-micron steps. Positioning below 0.1 µm is possible by altering direction.

  • Specifications

      • Number of Axes
      • 1
      • Host Communication
      • No
      • Multi Axis Support
      • No
      • Resolution
      • Maximum Stepping Rate
      • Closed Loop
      • No
      • Servo Amplifier Mode
      • No
      • General I/O
      • No
      • Motor Connector
      • JST SM05B-SRSS-TB
      • Sensor Connector
      • Power Connector
      • 2.1 mm barrel plug
      • Communication Connector
      • Power Supply
      • 12 V, 1.5 A
      • Dimensions
      • 74 x 44 x 19 mm
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