Piezo LEGS® Rotary 80mNm Vacuum

LR80 version 12B — Vacuum

The vacuum version of the LR80 is modified and cleaned for low out-gassing. The rotary piezoelectric motor is based on Piezo LEGS® technology and features direct friction drive without backlash and ultra high resolution. Its friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking with holding torque over 80 mNm.

  • Vacuum compatible high resolution positioner

    Quick response and fast settling time, the LR80 motor delivers high torque output without backlash or mechanical play. The direct friction drive of the Piezo LEGS® motor ensures power-off holding torque without power consumption, and the patented technology enables positioning down to 0.05 microradian (almost a millionth of a degree). The motor is ideal for ‘move-and hold’ applications that put a premium on precision, instant response and low power consumption. The motor is vacuum compatible and suitable for usage down to 10-7 torr.

  • Key features of LR80

    • Direct drive free from backlash
    • Vacuum compatible down to 10-7 torr
    • Zero power consumption when holding position
    • Continuous rotation with extreme positioning resolution
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  • Specifications

      • Recommended
        Operating Torque
      • 0...40 mNm
      • Stall Torque
      • 80 mNm
      • Holding Torque
      • 90 mNm
      • Speed Range
      • 0...100 º/s
      • Microstep Angle
      • 5.0E-5 mrad
      • Sensor Resolution
      • Power Consumption
      • 7 mW/Hz
      • Operating Temperature
      • -20...70 ºC
      • Connector
      • soldered cable with JST 05SR-3S
      • Weight
      • 60 gram
      • Diameter
      • 23 mm
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